It’s only 11am and I already messed up 1783654441836729 times.


me when buying something over $10: do i need this? do i need any material objects? will this matter when i face the great abyss?

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4ever fav


4ever fav

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I'm being really creepy messaging you on anon, but i've met you probably 5 or 6 times and every time i see you, you are really goofy and funny and outgoing, and i was wondering how you do that? would you ever have a serious friend?


Oh man you don’t have to be on anon! I’m not sure I do any of it consciously, most of the time I just do whatever I want and get embarrassed for about .5 seconds and then do it all over again, that’s nice of you to say though! I’m not sure what you mean by serious friend,…I have serious moments with my friends in the appropriate situations like everyone does, but I don’t really have any friends that aren’t light hearted or hilarious in some way or another, nor do I usually get along with people that don’t laugh or mess around. :c) 


Roland Flexner - Untitled (2010) - Liquid graphite on paper

there is a hunger
often associated with pain
that you feel
when you look at someone
you used to love and enjoyed
loving and want
to love again
though you know you can’t
that gnaws at you
as steadily as a mosquito
some michigan summer
churning his wings
through your window screen

Nikki Giovanni, Untited; 6/4/72 (via loveouthome)

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#1 party track

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I was always so scared of feeling apathetic and it’s finally hit me I could not care any less about my own life right now

Cumulus Consonance Study 1 by Scott Naismith

Cumulus Consonance Study 1 by Scott Naismith

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